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Privacy statement
The USC handles personal data with the utmost care. Read our privacy statement and find out more about the fingerprint scanning system.

The USC is not liable for theft, loss or accidents in and around the sports centre. Participation in any activity at the USC is at the participant’s own risk. In no way is a participant insured by the USC against bodily harm or material damage caused during or due to sporting activity. Unfortunately, theft from the changing rooms and other common areas is a regular occurrence. Wherever possible, do not bring valuables with you to the USC, and if you have to, use a locker in our changing rooms.

Terms & conditions
The USC is part of the trade association NL Actief. This is not only a guarantee of the quality of the services offered at the sports centre, it also means that the USC complies with the General Supplier Terms & Conditions drafted by NL Actief in collaboration with the national consumer’s organisation (Consumentenbond). Read the terms & conditions.

Additional terms & conditions
To supplement the General Supplier Terms & Conditions of NL Actief, several stipulations have been drafted specifically for the USC. Read the additional terms & conditions.

Terms & conditions for rental (using a USC space)
Terms & conditions apply when using a USC space, irrespective of whether it concerns a paid rental. Read the terms & conditions for rental.

Anti-doping statement
Read the USC anti-doping statement. This statement is supported and shared by numerous other university sports centres.

Complaints procedure
Despite the efforts of the USC to ensure that all of its visitors enjoy their time at the sports centre, visitors may still not be completely satisfied with their experience. This is why the USC has drawn up a complaints procedure.

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