Member categories

USC members are divided into three different categories, each with its own fees:

Category I
• Bachelor and Master students UvA and HvA (including contract students), also part time
• Bachelor and Master students of these Dutch (day) universities, also part time
• Exchange students UvA, HvA and other Dutch (day) universities
• Students 6VWO and 5HAVO
• Students awaiting their medical residency

Category II
• Employees UvA, HvA and Amsterdam UMC
• UvA alumni who are AUV member (= Amsterdamse Universiteits Vereniging)
• HvA alumni
• Students of these Dutch universities of applied sciences, also part time
• AIO’s, OIO’s (research assistants) and PhD students at UvA

Category III
• Anyone else

The fees for each category can be found on the sports pages. If you have any questions regarding your category, please send a mail to