Our mission statement

USC’s mission is to:

Contribute to better studying through sports and meeting others.


  • USC keeps students fit, resilient and relaxed.
  • Working out at USC is an essential part of an unforgettable student life.
  • USC encourages students to do internships, do research and do their final assignments at USC.
  • Working out at USC strengthens students’ bond with their university and thus contributes to study success.


  • The USC sports program is elaborate, so that all students can enjoy the sports they like.
  • The USC sports program is easily accessible, so that students who previously did not participate in sports still want to and can participate.
  • The value for money of the USC sports program makes USC an obvious choice for students.
  • USC stays in close contact with students, which ensures that the USC sports offer always meets students’ demand.
  • USC supports the student sports associations in Amsterdam, which considerably increases the range of sports opportunities for students.
  • Events (tournaments, etc.) are an addition to USC’s regular sports program.


  • The atmosphere at USC facilities is aimed at bringing students together.
  • The sports program ensures that students meet each other, build up a social life and enjoy it, often for a long time after their studies.
  • Sports at USC brings students from different (educational) backgrounds together in a relaxt way.
  • Students who are active in organizing sports (events) meet each other in a way that contributes to their (professional) development.


USC therefore focuses mainly on students. Employees and alumni, as well as anyone who has no connection with the UvA or AUAS, are of course also welcome.

  • Employees meet each other and students, while working out, in a different and relaxed way.
  • USC offers employees an extensive form of corporate sports as part of the vitality policy that’s in place at higher education institutions.
  • The participation of third party members offers opportunities and possibilities for encounters between the world of higher education and that of Amsterdam society.