Elite level sports

Elite athletes can benefit from the USC facilities at low or even no costs. And to stimulate athletes in their career, USC has established an elite sports fund.

USC elite athletes benefits

Being an elite athlete in category I you can benefit from the USC facilities at no costs. And other elite athletes at very low costs. First check your elite sports status at Topsport Amsterdam.

USC Elite Sports Fund

The University Sports Centre Foundation (hereafter: USC) has an Elite Sports Fund, hereafter called the fund.

The fund has been created by USC on August 31, 2011.

The purpose of the fund is to support students of UvA and AUAS who participate in, especially international, (student) elite sports events. Examples are the European student championships (EUC’s), student world championships (WUC’s) and Universiades. Normally students are send out to these events under the auspices of Studenten Sport Nederland (SSN), Studenten Sport Amsterdam (SSA) or one of the student sports clubs in Amsterdam.

The purpose of the fund can only be modified by the management of USC, and only after consulting with SSA.

The seed capital of the fund is 45,000 euros. This amount was released due to the fact that a lot of customers in 2010 did not reclaim the deposit they paid for their sports card. The right to reclaim the deposit has expired on 31 August, 2011.

The fund will be fed by the interest on the seed capital. Furthermore both USC and SSA will strive to feed the fund with incidental funds obtained outside the regular exploitation. These could include collections and sponsor activities. Also third parties are given the opportunity to contribute to the fund.

The fund is managed by USC. Accountability for profits and expenditures is answered for in the financial report of USC.

There will be no depletion of the capital of the fund. Capital depletion is only possible in case the capital of the fund does not drop below the lower limit of the seed capital.

Decisions considering any expenditures from the fund are made by the management of USC, after consulting with SSA. Decisions made by the management of USC are final. Only applications from individual students will be accepted.

The fund will be published on the websites of USC and SSA. Students can apply to the fund by submitting a written request, including: name and address of the applicant, the educational institution/study of the applicant, the reason for the request, the desired amount in relation to the total costs and other financial sources, and the type and level of sport to which the application is related. The fund has a minimum application period of 8 weeks.

The address of the fund: Science Park 306, 1098 XH Amsterdam.