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September is just around the corner! Which means: a brand-new USC season (woohoo!) and the switch to logging on with SURF. Some time ago, we asked you to change your e-mail address in My USC to your AUAS/UvA e-mail, due to the SURF connection. This is a reminder to do that before September starts. It’s fixed in a blink of an eye!

Why logging on with SURF?

Starting September you log on at USC with SURF, as a UvA/AUAS student or employee. When you log on with SURF, you immediately proof your student or employee status. This way you don’t have to show your proof of enrolment or contract at the front desk anymore. Super chill for both you and us!

Change your e-mail address

If you log on with SURF while you already have an account at USC with a different e-mail, an additional account will be created with your AUAS/UvA e-mail. That’s not only going to be a mess; there’s also a chance that you can’t work out for a few days because of the additional account. So change your e-mail address in My USC.

Sports with study friends

Since you’ve already surfed to My USC… Do you want to play futsal or run the Damloop in September? Gather a team of 8 study friends (m/f) and sign up until 9 August for the fun futsal competition at USC. Or join Damloop 2022 with Team HvA or Team UvA – including your ticket, team shirt and post-race drinks!


Any questions about the upcoming SURF connection, or something else? Please reply to this e-mail. We’re there to help!