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Tennis – courses

Never played tennis? Or do you want to improve your skills? Join a tennis course at USC Tennis & Padel at your level!

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Tennis courses at USC

Join courses at different levels: beginners, 9, 8, 7, 6 and 5.
Courses have 9 classes and start 4x a year.
USC Tennis has some covered courts as well, so you can always play!
Don’t want to do a course? Just rent a court or get a membership.

Need to knows

  • You can find the course fees under ‘Subscribe’.
  • Choose the course that corresponds to your playing level. If you are not familiar with the Dutch (KNLTB) levels, check the level guide below. If you’re not sure, contact USC Tennis & Padel.
  • You can rent a racket at USC Tennis & Padel during your course.
  • Check the course regulations below.

Level guide

You never (or hardly) played any tennis.

Level 9
You are a level 9 player when you have basic knowledge of the different grips, strokes and game situations. In addition, you can keep the ball in the game for several strokes in a moderate speed.

Level 8
You are a level 8 player if you can play a controlled rally for more than 10 strokes. You also have sufficient rule and stroke knowledge to play an official single or doubles match.

Level 7
You can subscribe for level 7 if you can play your service with precision and at speed. You can make your opponent run and hit him/her with fast strokes. You know the right moment to play and can win your points with volleys.

Level 6
You can subscribe for level 6 if you can add rotation to your service. You know how to answer to difficult plays from your opponent. You can use speed, precision and rotation to put your opponent under pressure and you can counter short passes.

Level 5
You can subscribe for level 5 if you can vary with speed, precision and rotation in your service. You make less mistakes compared to level 6 and you know how to keep a rally going at a high level. You’re difficult to pass at the net.

Course regulations

  • In order to give as many people as possible the chance to sign up for a tennis course, you can only purchase one tennis course per person per period. You can however purchase a tennis and a padel course.
  • A class is 60 minutes, of which 50 minutes are teaching minutes.
  • Tennis courses are taught on covered courts, so will continue for pretty much all weather conditions.
  • You can try to catch up on a missed class. This is only possible at your own level, with every USC trainer. Catching up is only possible if there are 7 people or less present.
  • Classes are not transferable. If you are absent, other players will have the opportunity to catch up on a class. So you are not allowed to send a replacement.
  • Trainers may remove you from the group if your level is found to be inadequate.
  • If you are more than 15 minutes late, the trainer can deny you access.
  • In the absence of the trainer, we will try and find a replacement. If we fail to find a replacement, the class will be caught up on at a later time.
  • The first catch-up moment is usually in the week following the course. It is possible that the catch-up moment is different from the regular class day and/or time. This can occur when the courts are fully booked or when multiple catch-up moments have to be planned.
  • If a class cannot be planned or caught up by USC, the following compensation applies:
    • If you have a tennis & padel membership: a one-off discount on the regular monthly fee of the current membership.
    • If you don’t have a tennis & padel membership: a credit on the USC account equal to the number of classes missed.

Free play

Rather just play on your own at USC Tennis? Rent a court or get a membership.

A.S.T.P.V. Chip & Charge

Chip & Charge is the student association for tennis and padel in Amsterdam. Check their website.

Check all courses!

Subscribe preferably online by clicking on the ‘Check all courses!’ button above. If you decide to subscribe at one of our front desks, we will help you with your online purchase.

Cat. I: €85,- | cat. II: €140,- | cat. III: €180,-
Check which category you’re in.

Starting dates courses*
Period 1: in the week of 11 September 2023
Period 2: in the week of 20 November 2023
Period 3: in the week of 12 February 2024
Period 4: in the week of 22 April 2024

*courses are available for purchase on following dates:

  • Are you a category 1 or 2 player? On Monday 8 January 12:00 PM, all courses for period 3 can be purchased online.
  • Are you a category 3 player? On Monday 15 January 12:00 PM, you can purchase the remaining tennis and padel courses for period 3 online.


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Cat. I Students UvA and HvA, other Dutch day universities
Cat. II Employees UvA/HvA, alumni HvA, AUV-members UvA, other full time students of universities of applied sciences
Cat. III Anyone else