Hall size:

2. Last minute rentals

USC members can make last minute reservations. This can be done from 1 day ahead for the following tariffs (per hour):

Sports hall 1, 2

cat I: € 23,-
cat II: € 36,-
cat III: € 47,-

Studio 1, 2, 3, gymnastics hall

cat I: € 12,-
cat II: € 17,-
cat III: € 23,-

Terms and conditions

  • Log on to my.uscsport.nl and find the activity you like with a corresponding room.
  • To book a room last minute you need to have a valid (course) membership at USC. Don’t have a valid membership? You’ll have to pay the standard rental fee at the front desk.
  • You can rent a room 3 days in advance against the regular fees. The last minute fees are only applicable within 24 hours in advance of the booking.
  • When cancelling online or last minute rentals, there will be no refund.
  • As the person who made the online/last minute rental reservation, you need to be present during the rental time.
  • It is possible to rent extra material (e.g. a ball). This material can be picked up (and returned) at the front desk.
  • We do not supply badminton material.
  • The use of the music installation is not included.
  • Rental time includes setting up, breaking down, and cleaning up (sweeping the floor).
  • Check the rules and regulations for rentals.
  • Want to use a room for a purpose other than sports? Contact us on zaalreservering@uscsport.nl. You can also give us a call: 020-5258955. We’re happy to assist!