Dancing in high heels with Anastasiia

A new course at USC: high heels! If you’ve done all other dance courses, it’s time to level up. High heels is a combination of different (modern) dance styles, but with a twist: you’re wearing heels.

With a new USC course comes a new USC instructor. After living in Amsterdam for only one month, Anastasiia started working at USC. She grew up in Ukraine, but because of the war Anastasiia was forced to leave her home. “In Amsterdam I met really nice people and thanks to USC, I am able to continue my favorite job: being a dance coach.” Anastasiia also teaches group classes at USC.

High heels USC Amsterdam

Anastasiia in high heels💃

How did you start out dancing on high heels?

“I have been dancing all my life! When I was young, I started modern dance. And during my medical education when I was older, I always kept on dancing. Eventually, I got my own small dancing studio in Ukraine where I taught high heels classes for three years.”

If you go out dancing at a party, do you also wear high heels all the time?

“I actually never wear heels in my daily life…🙄. I only dance in them. I have special heels with soft soles and for me, dancing with heels is much more comfortable than dancing without them to be honest. Really!”

What is your favorite snack after a heavy dance training?

“In general, I really like to eat. Sometimes I train just for the tasty snack afterwards (just kidding, haha). I like to go to a sushi restaurant with students after a training because I think it’s important that students are not just people who are learning to dance but also people you can have a nice time with.”

What is your best memory of dancing?

“The most vivid memories are the times I’ve spent with my students. It is so nice to see how much fun they can have while dancing. I think I cannot compared it with anything else. This is priceless!”

What do you think is the hardest footwear to dance in (flipflops, or Dutch wooden shoes maybe)?

“All shoes are great for dancing because you can always take them off 😉. I often practice barefoot. Sometimes, it makes your movements lighter.”

The course high heels starts on Tuesday 14 February 20.00. This dance style is ideal if you want to become more musical and flexible, and are interested in discovering the possibilities of your own body. Sign up via the My USC shop!