This week’s trainer is… Sin-Mee Choy!

Meet the Trainers

1. When did you start working at USC?

25 years ago! Last year, I celebrated my anniversary at USC.

2. If we can’t find you, at what USC location should we start our search? And what do you like about that location?

Most of the time, you can find me at the Amstelcampus Fitness. That USC location is a little smaller than Universum and ClubWest, and that’s why you have some more overview, which is nice! And it’s also really cool that I experience USC customers from the start of their memberships till the working out part in the fitness.

3. Is there something maybe not a lot of people at USC know about you?

This is maybe a cool fun fact! I once acted in a portret movie from a girl who studied in Amsterdam.😱 In the movie, there’s a scene where in she goes to a step class for the first time. And I play the step instructor.😎 Although my screen time lasted no more than a few seconds…

The movie Sin-Mee appeared in!

4. A sports career is characterized by highs and lows. What is your most memorable highlight?

The sports experience is most precious for me. More than the desire to be the very best at something or setting yourself goals which are practically unreachable. Nothing’s nicer than mastering a dance choreography and ending in a kind of flow.😉

5. What is your best characteristic as a trainer?

Asking open questions. Change in behavior works best if the customers can provide an answer themselves.

6. And last but not least… What accomplishment are you most proud of as a trainer?

If a customer comes to me with an injury or complaints, and I can make it go away to some extent. In that way, I can really give meaning to my work as a trainer.

Sin-Mee USC Amsterdam