This week’s trainer is… Helge Moes!

Meet the Trainers

Helge Moes teaches taekwondo at USC. This quick & spectacular martial art is new in our timetable this season.

1: Since when do you work at USC?

I started working at USC on 6 September, so not very long.

2: What’s the thing that probably not a lot of people at USC know about you?

That Dutch isn’t my first language. I grew up in London and there I learned how to speak Dutch from somebody from Belgium (Flanders). That’s why you might catch me using a Flemish pronunciation every once in a while!😃

3: If we can’t find you, at what USC location should we start our search? And what do you like about that location in particular?

If I’m lost, you can always find me at Universum – probably in the dojo or studio 3 to be a little more specific. I’m very proud to work for a sports organization like USC. I can’t think of a cooler organization to share my experience with!

Helge USC Amsterdam

4: What is your favorite meal after a heavy workout?

After I’m done training, I really like to eat a soft-boiled egg. But you can also make me happy with a Korean BBQ!

5: A sports career is often characterized by lots of highs and lows. What is your most memorable highlight?

My most memorable highlight is receiving my black belt in 2016.

6: And lastly… What is your best characteristic as a trainer?

I hope that my best teaching characteristic is taking good care of the etiquette you need in order to practice a martial art – which is taekwondo for me. Because of this you don’t just learn the right techniques, but also some important parts of the Korean culture.