This week’s trainer is… Hamza Bouamrani!

    Meet the Trainers

1: Since when do you work at USC?

Since 2015! I started out as a krachtwacht (that duty doesn’t exist anymore) and a couple of months later I got my first fitness shift on Saturday.

2: If we can’t find you, at what USC location should we start our search? And what do you like about that location?

I’m predominantly present at ClubWest – for both work and my own workouts.

And the thing I like the most about ClubWest is the people I’ve met over the past years. I always go to work to ClubWest and Amstelcampus with a smile, and that’s mainly because of the USC members that work out over there – and also a little because of my colleagues 😉).

3: Is there something maybe not a lot of people at USC know about you?

I’m a huge fan of Japanese animation films A.K.A. anime. And I’m not even ashamed, haha.

My Neighbor Totoro, 1988

4: A sports career is often characterized by lots of highs and lows. What is your most memorable highlight?

Up until now, my most memorable highlights are my heaviest lifts.

  1. 186 kg squat;
  2. 130 kg bench (135 unofficially);
  3. 230 kg deadlift.

And I think there’s also some range for improvement! :)

5: What is your best characteristic as a trainer?

Oe, that’s a hard one… What I often hear from people is that I’m always happy and not too stressed out. I guess haha.

6: What accomplishment are you most proud of as a trainer?

That people keep coming to my classes with confidence and satisfaction. That’s really a nice feeling to have as a trainer.

Hamza Bouamrani