This week’s trainer is… Andrea Janssen!

Meet the Trainers

1: Since when do you work at USC?

Oeh, that’s a pretty long time ago! In 2010 I started working at Universum. A brand-new location, that really looked like an Andrea kind of thing.😉 And since then I just never left.

2: A sports career is often characterized by lots of highs and lows. What is your most memorable highlight?

The corona lockdown was both a highlight and lowlight at the same time. I thought it was inspiring to see how we at USC were looking for opportunities in this difficult time, like working out outdoor and online. And at the end of the lockdown I found out there was somebody attending my online classes from Paris! So, USC went international.😃

Meet the Trainers Andrea

3: What’s the thing that probably not a lot of people at USC know about you?

Besides being a trainer, I work as a communications advisor – a busy job! Teaching group classes at USC is a very relaxing moment of the week for me. I’d recommend it to everyone: to do or start learning something completely different than the thing you’re doing all week long, whether you’re studying or working.

4: What is your favorite meal after a heavy workout?

I’m not a walking sports nutrition database, but I do appreciate a café au lait after a morning training. Together with an egg and avocado sandwich!

5: If we can’t find you, at what USC location should we start our search? And what do you like about that location in particular?

For years I teach BBB, Total Body Workout and pilates classes at Amstelcampus. The atmosphere is really nice and personal over there because it’s not that big of a location.

6: And lastly… What accomplishment are you most proud of as a trainer?

I feel most proud when I finished a class and everybody is smiling and satisfied. Because I think doing sports should also bring you pleasure and a feeling of relaxation to some extent. When I’m able to see that on the faces of the people who attended my class, it’s a ‘mission accomplished’ for me!