Doing chores at USC

The USC ‘DIY’ squad is back together again during lockdown! Luckily, being the sports organization that we are, there are quite a lot of muscles around for carrying all the heavy fitness equipment.😉 Check out what’s happening below.

Sportcentrum Universum

Klussen in de dojo

The dojo mats are completely dust free.

Een kale fitness

And the fitness floor is looking pretty good!


Decent set-up, right? Shall we leave it like this?

Klimmen USC

A lot of new climbing routes on the Universum walls.

Oerknal cleaning

Oerknal brightens up the terrace even more.

Balieteam USC

And the front desk team is helping out big time!

The cleaning tandem: Guiseppe & Robb!

A sneaky workout while cleaning…


A short impression from the video by ClubWest vlogger Joeri.😉

Kantoor ClubWest

The new office space for Rodrigo and Joeri.


Amstelcampus Hamid

Hamid is really busy and told us there’s no time for photos.


Art bij ASC

Art is pretty happy with the result at ASC.


He even decided to hang some flags out in the fitness.


And these two lucky ones were able to try out the ASC platform.