The striking similarities between USC & ‘The Last Dance’

2020 is almost done already… But boy oh boy: a lot of sad events past by! And maybe that’s why the few bright spots seemed to be a little more bright this year. For instance, the sparkling sports documentary about the best basketball player of all time: Michael Jordan!

Air time
Binge watching is the new chain-smoking: really addictive (but better for your lungs). Especially when you’re watching a documentary like the one about Jordan, you’re lighting up one episode after another. Studying. A little break. A bag of chips. Lounging on the couch. Michael Jordan! Therefore the timing of The Last Dance‘s release couldn’t be any better. When we collectively had to sit at home last March, Air Jordan came flying in as a Guardian angel.

Originally the release date of The Last Dance was somewhat later. But because of corona, production company ESPN decided to bring the release date forward – like as many companies tried to adapt one way or another during lockdown. At USC we are giving it our best shot too. And we too, brought a release date forward: instead of waiting till September, we launched the my USC app in July. Why? To prevent you from having to touch the access gates with your greasy fingers.

Motivation MJ
During the episodes Jordan showed us his ability to get himself going on the court. And it really didn’t matter how. Whether he motivated himself by thinking of a lost bet on the golf course, or an opponent who tried to outplay him – it all worked like a red rag to a Chicago Bull. And maybe that’d have been the way he would handle corona: by seeing it as something to get all fired up!

For us, corona was pretty motivational too. When we heard working out inside wasn’t allowed, we started USC Open Air. And when Café Oerknal had to be closed again, we turned it into a gym. Working out at the exact same spot you drank beers before: that’s when you know you’re a real badass.

USC Open Air

Working out in Café Oerknal

Sports & Studying
Being the sports organization USC is, we really could enjoy ourselves watching the elegant movements of the legendary no. 23. But that’s not all! Unlike lots of young American basketball players in today’s world, Jordan spent three years in college before entering the NBA. And he even returned to his university in North Carolina to graduate in 1986 – which really made us smile.

The combination of sports and education is really important for us at USC. That’s why we would like to give all you guys the opportunity to experience both!


Written by: Indy van de Poll