The Masked Gymmer

No fun at all, but it’s going to be mandatory from 1 December: wearing a face mask. So, let’s just make the most of it!

As of 1 December, it’s mandatory to wear a face mask in (public) indoor areas, so at USC as well. You still don’t have to wear one when working out! So: when entering USC buildings you wear a face mask. You wear it in all areas of the building, with the exception of the sports areas. As soon as you enter the sports area, you can take off your face mask. This applies to everyone 13 years and older. No fun, but we’d better make the most of it…

Starting Monday 30 November on all USC insta accounts: The Masked Gymmer! Do you know which USC trainer is hiding behind the mask? Let us know and you might win yourself a USC style face mask. How to join:

  1. Follow our instagram accounts: @usc_universum, @usc_amstelcampus, @usc_clubwest.
  2. Check the Masked Gymmers in stories, daily starting 30 November.
  3. Know who it is? Let us know!
  4. For every Masked Gymmer we will allot a USC face mask among the comments.
  5. Did you win? We’ll contact you with a DM on instagram. You can pick up your face mask at a USC front desk when USC opens again.