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Urban dance

For Urban dance USC cooperates with the HvA Dance Centre.

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Week 24

Urban and Urban fusion at USC

Courses of 9 classes (except for period 4) of 75 minutes in cooperation with HvA Dance Centre.
You’ll learn techniques out of streetdance, hiphop, female dance, and urban contemporary.
At Urban fusion (in period 4), you’ll work together in a team towards a cool end show! #StudioToStage
Do you want more dance? HvA Dance Centre is there for you!


Urban vs Urban Fusion

Urban comes from the basics of hiphop culture and the styles that form part of it.

Urban Fusion is a blend of different urban and modern styles combined to create a more sensitive approach than Urban.


  • In course period 4 Urban fusion is all about #StudioToStage!
  • Together in a team you’ll work towards a cool performance
  • The performance will be presented during the end show TTP2024 at Podium Mozaïek on Friday 21 June


The HvA Dance Centre teacher is Alexia Calderón. Check her bio!

Demo teams

Are you an intermediate or advanced dancer and interested to join competitions? Sign up for one of the demo teams! Check the website for more information!

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Cat. I: €60- | cat. II: €82,- | cat. III: €110,-
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Starting dates courses
Period 1: in the week of 11 September 2023
Period 2: in the week of 20 November 2023
Period 3: in the week of 12 February 2024
Period 4: in the week of 22 April 2024 (#StudioToStage)


USC Universum
Science Park 306
1098 XH Amsterdam
(020) 525 89 55

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Cat. I Students UvA and HvA, other Dutch day universities
Cat. II Employees UvA/HvA, alumni HvA, AUV-members UvA, other full time students of universities of applied sciences
Cat. III Anyone else