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Brazilian jiu jitsu

In Braziliaans jiu jitsu (BJJ) you fight on the ground a lot. Your aiming to make your opponent surrender by using sweeps and submissions.

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Brazilian jiu jitsu at USC

You can do Brazilian jiu jitsu at Universum with a martial arts membership.
There are training sessions at different levels.
With your martial arts membership you can also join the training sessions of all other martial arts.

Which membership do you choose?

you’re stuck with us for a year, after which you can cancel your membership monthly.

a little more expensive but a lot more flexible, this membership can be canceled monthly.

15x ENTRY (buy it here)
15x entry to a sport in the passe-partout, to be used within 6 months.

Making a reservation and checking in

  • You need a reservation for every visit to USC.
  • Book a training using the booking button above or via this martial arts page.
  • You can make a reservation 6 days in advance.
  • You can have 3 active reservations for the upcoming 6 days. But as soon as your first reservation is over, you can make a new one. So, you can work out more than 3x a week (if there are free spots)!
  • You can choose how you enter USC: by using the finger scan or by using the My USC Amsterdam app. Download the app: Android and iOS.

Check out all reservation and house rules

Cancelling and no show fee

Booked a class, but can’t make it? Please cancel in advance.

  • Cancel up to one hour before the start of your reservation (but earlier is encouraged!).
  • Are you not cancelling (on time)? Then you risk a no show fee of €3,-.
  • Are you not paying the no show fee? In that case you can’t make a reservation/work out for 2 weeks.
  • Your no show fee doesn’t end up on the big USC company pile. Check in which sports goal we’re investing the no show fee income.

Cancel your booking

What do you learn from it?

You learn how to fight on the ground with a BJJ suit on. This means that you’ll learn how to react if somebody grabs your clothing. This is different from MMA classes: there are no grips on clothing allowed.


During BJJ trainings there are multiple goals:

  • Firstly, you learn how to defend yourself while being in a fight on the ground. All this being in a safe environment without macho behaviour.
  • Instead of with judo, there will be relatively little focus on throwing while standing on your feet.
  • At BJJ you learn how to take your opponent down while being on the ground. From there, you’ll go into controlled strangulations.

Personal development

By attending BJJ trainings, you can develop yourself on a personal level too. For example by:

  • increasing your confidence;
  • being more comfortable when somebody approaches you physically;
  • maybe experience a match under guidance at a later stage.

USC instructors

Daan van Schaijk teaches at USC for quite some time already. In 2018, Daan became European Champion Master 3 blue belt!

Wear and gear

  • For the first (trial) training loose sports wear will do.
  • After that a kimono/gi is obligatory. A regular judo suit is fine. Judo/jiu jitsu suits are for sale at the sports desk.


Are you a sports fanatic? Are you interested in various sports? The USC passe-partout is the right thing for you! Brazilian jiu jitsu is part of the passe-partout.

Get a trial membership!

Subscribe preferably online by choosing a membership below. If you decide to subsribe at one of our front desks, we will help you with your online purchase.

First payment: pro-rata
When purchasing a martial arts year or martial arts flex you’ll pay a pro rata amount.

Direct debit
Subsequently, in the first week of every month, a term will be collected by direct debit.

Passe-partout membership
Join all martial arts trainings and many more with a passe-partout membership.

Canceling is simple
Send an e-mail to usc@uscsport.nl, or cancel your membership in My USC. Your membership will expire on the last day of that month.*

*If you cancel a flex membership in the same month as you purchased it, the membership will end on the last day of the following month. This means that there is always at least one monthly debit via direct debit before a flex subscription expires.

Additional terms & conditions
Check out the additional terms and conditions for all info!

Member categories
USC works with 3 different member categories. Check out to which category you belong.


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