Hall size: 200 – 500 m²

Universum climbing hall

The big windows provide for a climbing experience with lots of daylight.

We invest a lot of time in routesetting because we want to offer nice routes for all levels. We have a spectacular 20m lead climbing roof for experienced climbers. The climbing hall offers 500m2 of climbing surface, with 18 ropes between level 3 and 7b. You can lead climb most of the routes. Music is also present in the hall.


Climbing hall               L 19          W 6            H 14  

Group arrangements

We offer group activities for:

  • Students
  • High school students
  • Other: companies, teambuilding, parties etc.

You can choose between climbing and bouldering. When climbing you learn safety techniques (belaying). Climbing comes down to co-operating and trusting each other. Bouldering is a more individual activity. It is more physical than climbing. Sports wear and shoes are necessary for both activities.

  • Students

Would you like to organize a fun event for your student association or a group of friends? Come climbing or bouldering! The tariff for students is € 9,00 / bouldering € 8,00 per hour per person.

  • Educational institutions (schools)

Climbing or bouldering fits very well in the sports educational program of schools. It’s exciting, you have to trust each other and you have to deal with the height. We offer introduction classes for climbing or bouldering. Follow-up classes are possible as well.  The class always starts with safety instructions. Afterwards it’s time to climb the wall. Reaching the top is awesome! Climbing tariff schools € 10,00 / bouldering schools € 9,00 per hour per person.

  • Other

Climbing or bouldering fits very well as a teambuilding activity with colleagues or friends. The climbing tariff is €15,00 / bouldering tariff € 14,00 per hour per person.

Group arrangements conditions

  • Prices listed above do not include instruction. Need for instruction will be determined based on group level and size.
  • Climbing & bouldering: minimal group size 8 people.
  • Climbing: maximal group size 24 people / Bouldering maximally 20 p.
  • Gear and shoes are included.
  • Recommended clinic duration: 1,5 hours, 2 hours possible.
  • In case of schools we expect the (sports)instructor to assist.

Eetcafé Oerknal

Eetcafé Oerknal is the place to relax before or after your climbing/bouldering session. Just a simple drink or an extensive lunch we can arrange it all. Contact oerknal@uscsport.nl


For quotations, information and reservations, mail to Bas via sportklimmen@uscsport.nl.

We don’t offer kids climbing parties at USC.

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