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Which data will be collected?

USC will share the following data with the education service desk of the FNWI (FNWI-ESC) of the UvA:

  • Information about your membership: start date of your USC membership, duration of your current membership, and the type of membership you have/used to have at USC
  • Visit details: the date, time of entry, location and registered type of class/sport for each visit to USC, and any instances of no-show

These data will then be linked to information from the UvA/HvA from SIS:

  • Gender
  • Academic information: start date at the UvA/HvA, what program are you enrolled in, and in which academic year are you currently
  • Data regarding your academic performance: your total earned credit points (EC) and your grades per course, along with the date on which each grade was achieved

The following information of USC and UvA or HvA will be used to link the data. This information will not be used in the analyses of the study.

  • First and last name
  • Date of birth
  • UvAnetID or HvAnetID