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What happens to your membership/course?


  • Your USC membership is still paused. This applies to almost all memberships, like fitness, futsal and climbing.
  • Do you have a membership with an end date? When USC reopens again, your membership will automatically be extended with the number of days that we were closed. Unless, in due time, you indicate otherwise.
  • Do you have a direct debit membership? As you already know, we won’t collect from your account. Unless you’ve let us know that you want us to.
  • The above does not apply to tennis and padel memberships, because you can still play.
  • Do you have a futsal, basketball or swimming membership? As soon as we know when we can start again, we’ll present you an arrangement. We won’t forget you, and your membership is also paused for the time being.
  • Do you have a USC Deal year passe-partout? We want to accommodate you as well. As soon as we can open again, you can expect an email from us.


  • Because the curfew will be starting at 22.00, we are restarting the courses at the tennis park on Tuesday 6 April! With a slightly adjusted program. If you are registered for such a course, you’ve already received an email with more information about the restart. Haven’t received it? Send an email to
  • For all other courses the following still applies: when we are reopening again, courses will be continued this season wherever possible. In due time, you’ll receive an email with specific info about your course.