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Tennis & Padel

Additional house rules
Although we can continue to play tennis and padel, we would like to ask you to observe the house rules even more closely! Always keep a distance of 1.5 meters, also during doubles, and even if that means that you sometimes have to let go of a ball in order not to get too close to your teammate. Read the house rules carefully!

Upcoming reservations
Your tennis and / or padel reservation will remain unchanged.

Single court rent
You can still rent a single court for tennis and padel, nothing changes.

Nothing will change for you, you can just book a court like you’re used to.

Courses period I
The courses will continue, but you always keep a 1.5 meter distance!

Course registration period II
We have postponed the course sale until further notice. After the evaluation of the RIVM regarding the effect of the new measures, we will decide if the courses can still start in the week of 16 November. Have you already purchased a course? Just wait a while, until we can give you some more info.