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Squash stops
We don’t have such good news about squash. We don’t think it is in line with the RIVM measures to continue to offer squash and have decided to stop completely for the time being.

Upcoming reservations
Have you booked a squash court somewhere in the next 6 days? Your reservation has been canceled unfortunately.

Do you have a squash membership? We will freeze your membership immediately. As soon as we can start again, your membership will be reactivated. Do you have a direct debit membership? From now on we will not collect until we can open the squash courts again. If you have an ‘old school’ membership with an end date, your membership will be extended in due time by the number of days that we have not been able to offer squash.

All squash courses will stop effective immediately. What that means for the remaining classes of your course highly depends on the duration of the new RIVM measures. Can we start again in 4 weeks? Or are these new measures going to last much longer? We hope you give us the time to come up with a suitable solution.