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Q&A USC Open Air

“Until when does the Open Air program continue?”

At least until 1 July. In the last week of June, we will decide how to proceed.

“What will happen to the Open Air fees?”

We will lower the membership fees slightly every Monday morning at 9.00, so you can continue to join USC Open Air at an attractive rate at least until 1 July!

“I already have an Open Air membership with an end date after 1 July: what will happen here?”

In due time, we will change your Open Air membership to another membership with which you can continue training.

“What happens when it rains?”

In case of bad weather, certain activities may be canceled. We will try to inform you by email at least one hour before the start. You can also check the Open Air timetable to see if activities are canceled.

“What is USC doing to give all participants enough possibilities to workout?”

  • The capacity is scaled up regularly. For example, we started with 9 spots per timeslot for fitness, now we are at 15.
  • The number of timeslots will be increased as much as possible.
  • New sports are added to the program regularly.
  • We ask participants to book responsibly.
  • We aks participants to cancel on time.

“Will there be any new workouts / sports in Open Air?”

A number of combat sports have been added to the Open Air program this week, including boxing (bag training). We are trying to add beachvolleyball and slackline classes soon!