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Q&A Open Air Membership / compensation arrangement

‘Can I reactivate my regular membership to join the Open Air program?’


‘Why not?’

We won’t be able to offer a full-fledged program. And therefore we think it’s unacceptable to charge our regular fees for the Open Air program.

‘What will happen with my regular membership?’

It will remain ‘frozen’. The above mentioned arrangement remains in effect.

‘What does the Open Air Membership cost?’

  • cat. I: € 10,- per month
  • cat. II: € 15,- per month
  • cat. III: € 20,- per month

‘How do I get an Open Air Membership?’

All info (fees, schedule, locations) will be published online this weekend. You will then be able to purchase your Open Air Membership online.

‘At which locations can I join the Open Air program?’

At three USC locations: ClubWest, ASC and sports centre Universum.

‘Have you guys missed me?’

A lot. :-) We can’t wait to see you in real life again. See you on the 18th!