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Our wishes for 2022

We gave it everything we got in 2021, to help you keep fit. Working out online. Working out in your underwear living room. Working out outdoors. Working out with a PT. Working out in teams. Working out at 1.5 meter distance. Working out for everyone under 27. Working out in the Oerknal cafe. Working out between 7 AM and 5 PM. Whatever the government threw at us, we tried to have an answer. Our wishes for 2022? For it to be a little less complicated, please. So that you can work out with us whenever you want, preferably within hugging distance of your friends. And so that we don’t have to spam you with our semi-funny newsletters about those damn-annoying corona measures. We’ll keep giving it everything we got, also in 2022. Read in this newsletter what we’re doing at the moment. We miss you, again, for the umpteenth time! ♥