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Sanctions for no show

It happens quite often that a reservation is made, but someone doesn’t show up. This is pretty annoying, especially when the capacity is already limited and someone else would’ve really liked that spot. So, we’re finally going to do something about that no show. We’ve already announced it a while ago, but here it is: the no show fee. This is how it works:

  • Cancel up to one hour before the start of your reservation (but preferably earlier).
  • Are you not canceling (on time)? You risk a no show fee.
  • Of course it can happen that you forget to cancel. That’s why you only get a warning the first time.
  • After the second time you don’t cancel, you’ll pay a €3,- no show fee.
  • Are you not paying? That’s okay, but it means you can’t make a reservation for 2 weeks – and therefore can’t work out.