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Compensation corona closure

During the corona closure your membership has not been collected, unless you have indicated otherwise. This month, the direct debit will start again, and your membership will continue as follows:

  • In June, you will get a 25 days reduction on your monthly installment. Why 25 days?
    • Because you paid for the whole month of December, while you were not able to work out from 15 December (17 days).
    • Because you have not been able to work out from 1 till 4 June with your frozen membership (4 days).
    • Because we will take care of the days from 5 till 8 June (4 days), due to the transition period from the Open Air membership to the reactivation of the regular memberships.
  • From July, your direct debit will run as usual.
  • We are extending your direct debit year membership with the number of days that corresponds with the period you were not able to use the USC facilities due to corona closure.
  • An example: The first year of your direct debit membership would normally have ended on 1 September 2021. Then your membership will be extended with 176 days and will now end on 24 February 2022, after which you can terminate your membership monthly.
  • If this isn’t completely clear, let us know via