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Arrangement for memberships

Like we promised in our previous newsletter, there will be an arrangement for all USC members. In your case, this will mean the following:

As soon as we know when the USC can reopen, you’ll be presented with the opportunity to have your membership extended, free of charge, with the period of time equal to the period of time in which you could not use the USC facilities.

In due time, we’ll present you with this arrangement via a form in the newsletter. It will be super easy to apply for. However, USC does need your help. So if you can spare it, we will explicitly ask you not to apply for this arrangement and donate your lost time. In that way you will contribute to the chance of a future for the USC, its personnel and all of our members. This isn’t us being dramatic, just realistic. Without your support we won’t make it.

For now, we’re asking for your patience. With corona. With the world. And with the USC.

Stay strong. ❤️