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A word from the location manager

A lot of you guys probably know who I am. But for the ones who don’t, I’ll introduce myself. My name is Marcel and I’m 43 years old. As of 2002 I’m working at USC, starting out as a fitness instructor while studying at HvA. I love teaching people new things, which made being a sports instructor the obvious choice.

Since the opening of Amstelcampus in 2013 I’m the location manager too. Together with my colleagues I’ll make sure you can work out with us every day of the week. We’re very pleased to have you, guys!

Recently we’ve experienced a major leak, but everything is fine again. We even decided to make our gym quite a bit bigger and even sacrificed our dressing rooms for it. It was the obvious choice though, because this way we increased our fitness capacity. And we also have two private dressing rooms left.

These are hard times we’re living in, and I’d like to emphasize again that working out is essential in keeping a fresh mindset. The corona crisis has taken its toll, on a personal level too.

Luckily I’m not just seeing the bad things that happened: there are some great developments too! We are very aware of each other and it may sounds weird, but we are even closer to each other (although being 1.5 meter apart). We’re all in this together and together we get through it – I’m sure of it.

If there is anything you want to talk about, you can always come to me. I’m also available at And I wish you happy and sporty holidays!