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7. My USC – mobile access: QR app

You can choose how you enter USC: by using the finger scan or by using the My USC – mobile access app.

  • Download the app: Android and iOS.
  • If you choose to use the My USC – mobile access app, you check in by scanning the QR code at the access gates. This way (or by using your finger scan) you’re automatically checked in.
  • Are you training outdoor or in a space that can’t be reached by using the access gates? Check in by scanning the QR code at the USC location.
  • No smartphone? Use your finger scan or check in with your trainer/teacher.
  • If you have booked two timeslots/classes in a row, you need to check in again for your second reservation as soon as your first reservation ends. You can do so by going through the gates again, with the My USC access app or with your finger scan, or by reporting to the instructor/teacher who can check you in again. If you don’t, USC will register a no show.