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We strictly stick to all the rules, so that you feel comfortable about working out at ASC. For example, only a limited number of people can train per timeslot/class, we work with mandatory reservations and we keep a strict 1.5m distance. The gym is fully equipped for this (video!). In order for you to be able to work out safely, we introduced the following rules and measures;

  1. You book in advance, also for your individual training in the fitness. This way we know who is coming and we keep track of the group size.
  2. When you arrive at ASC you wear a face mask. Once changed and in the gym you can put it off, of course! Staff behind the front desk and in the gyms is not wearing a face mask and will welcome you with a big smile as always.
  3. Before entering ASC, disinfect your hands with alcohol. There is a dispenser at the door.
  4. You can enter without having to touch anything, by using the My USC access app. The app scans the QR code at the gate and reports your presence. You can also still enter with your finger scan.
  5. You will receive your own spray bottle to clean any contact surfaces after every exercise. There’s paper all across the gym. The spray bottle is returned after use and disinfected by us.
  6. There is a cleaning round between each timeslot.
  7. We allow a maximum of 15 people in the fitness per timeslot and all gym devices are at least 1.7m apart. It is,  therefore, never busy and you can easily keep a distance of 1.5 m.
  8. To ensure that you do not come into contact with others too much, you can only enter 5 minutes before the start of your activity. You can still enter up to half an hour after the start of your fitness timeslot.
  9. The air handling systems are on maximum capacity during opening hours. The capacity has been measured and couldn’t be better, and there is no recirculation. We also have the front doors open and support an extra air stream from outside with fans.
  10. Group classes are canceled completely at the moment, but we hope that the contamination level improves so much that we can restart group classes again on 19 November. These classes too are all safe and sound at ASC: max. 10 people per class, a 2x2m space all to yourself, and the classes do not start too close after each other so that you come into contact with others as little as possible.