New location: USC School of Boxing!

USC has a new location: USC School of Boxing at Bajeskwartier! On this page, we’ll keep you posted on all developments until the opening.

USC location 7

We’ve just opened our seventh location at Bajeskwartier, fully equipped for boxing and kickboxing. Including a boxing ring, several options for technique and bag training, and an extensive (kick)boxing program. That program has grown considerably over the years, especially at Universum, and could therefore not expand any further at that location. And so we are very happy with this new boxing gym, where our (kick)boxing program can continue to grow!

Update | 10 October

The time has finally come: the boxing gym is open for a week already! Our Dr. Upper cut, Stef, is ready to show you around the ring. With a USC boxing membership you can join all boxing and kickboxing trainings at USC School of Boxing, and in the new ClubWest boxing studio.

USC School of Boxing

Update | 30 August

Check this view from the red corner! We finally have the key of USC School of Boxing, and the boxing ring already got a prominent place. We’ll be working our butts off to make everything punch proof, and start the count down to October. In September, you can temporarily do your (kick)boxing training at either Amstelcampus or ClubWest. From 3 October, we are ready to rumble at USC School of Boxing and in the new boxing studio at ClubWest.

USC School of Boxing Amsterdam

Update | 10 August – opening postponed

Unfortunately, we received a pretty rough punch in the face… The delivery of the property has been delayed, and therefore the opening of USC School of Boxing is postponed until October. Check what this means:

  • In September, you’ll do (kick)boxing in the Amstelcampus gymnastics hall, or at ClubWest.
  • The (kick)boxing program at USC School of Boxing will start on Monday 3 October, instead of Monday 5 September. From that moment on, there will be no boxing and kickboxing at Amstelcampus anymore.
  • At ClubWest you can keep kicking and punching, also after September – from October probably in the new boxing studio downstairs!
  • You can already purchase your boxing or boxing + fitness membership for September. Please note! You can use your boxing (+ fitness) membership from Monday 5 September.

Update | 6 July

The biggest change since last time: the boxing gym has a name! Our seventh location will live its life by the name ‘USC School of Boxing’. The winning name in the contest is: ‘Bajes Boxing Club’.

We’re counting the days until 15 July. Then we’ll receive the key and we can finally start putting the boxing gym together. The paint is waiting for us, the boxing ring is measured and booked, and we’re ready to rumble.

USC School of Boxing Amsterdam

Update | 9 June

You’re gonna need the ability to see the bigger picture, to put it in real estate terms, but this is it: the USC boxing gym! There’s some work to be done… The equipment is booked, mid-July we’re getting the keys and we’ll start working really hard to be able to welcome you in our boxing ring in September.

Update boxing gym USC June

Pimp My Wall

One of the walls in USC School of Boxing could actually use a kick-ass graffiti piece. Are your spray paint skills just as good as Stef’s upper cuts, and would you like to – in exchange for a free membership – put something cool on the wall? Mail and Pimp Our Wall!

Martial arts membership?

If you have a martial arts membership at USC, you have been informed – by e-mail on 10 August and 29 August – in detail about the changes in your membership because of the opening of the USC School of Boxing. Haven’t received this e-mail, while you do have a martial arts membership? Check your spam. Not there either? Send an e-mail to