Meet the Trainers: Robb Hermanns!

1: Since when do you work at USC?

Once upon a time… I started out as an intern at USC. Now, I work here for almost six years already.

2: Is there something maybe not a lot of people at USC know about you?

Oh, I tell lots of stuff about myself to people… But maybe that I own a collection of 80 NERF blasters! 😎

3: If we can’t find you, at what USC location should we start our search? And what do you like about that location in particular?

You can find me almost every weekday morning at Universum. I really like the big weightlifting platform – including the ‘floating floor’ – over there!

Meet the Trainers: Robb

4: What is your favorite meal after a heavy workout?

Oeh… Pasta, pizza, burgers, sushi. But maybe if I’d say ‘a chicken satay form Oerknal’ I can get a pretty cool sponsor deal out of it! 😉

5: A sports career is often characterized by lots of highs and lows. What is your most memorable highlight?

  • The day I won the Dutch National Championship track and field at the Junior category.
  • My cycling holidays to Denmark and England.
  • And my first 225 kg squat.

6: And lastly… What accomplishment are you most proud of as a trainer?

For me the most exciting thing about being a trainer is helping people to achieve their personal health goals, like losing weight for example.