How do I invent… a sport that doesn’t exist yet?

Have you ever been standing on a padel service line, thinking: ‘How did they invent this sport actually?’ This is the recipe: put tennis & squash in a blender, add a pinch of kosher salt and a funny-looking racket, and there you go! You just invented padel.😉

Padel USC Amsterdam

Have you never played a game of padel before, but are you a good squash player and do you have a forehand like Federer? Then it really is a thing for you! Although maybe that conclusion is a little too easy… Especially when you make this counter argument in a post-workout debate at Oerknal with your friends:

‘In the Netherlands, we all grow up with ice skating in the winter, and our national field hockey team almost always wins an Olympic gold medal. But when you put those two sports we excel in together, we’re suddenly far from excellent… Have you ever seen a top of the bill Dutch ice hockey player? I haven’t.’

Pretty jealous
Still, there are a lot of sports with precious similarities. For example, cyclists often have a very good core stability because of training in the fitness. And lots of basketball players are probably pretty jealous of the footwork of a (kick) boxer.

Plus… Combining different sports isn’t just beneficial – it’s above all lots of fun and varied! That’s why we have a very diverse membership for you at USC, giving you the opportunity to try all kinds of different sports: the passe-partout.

By trying them all out, you might even get some special inspiration to come up with a cool new sport by yourself. Which gives you the ability to answer the title question of this blog: ‘How do I invent… a sport that doesn’t exist yet?’😎