Bye gymnastics hall, hello boulder gym!

Update 16 May

It’s official: we are going to turn the Universum gymastics hall into one big boulder paradise. Full of new routes, colorful climbing holds, and a nice atmosphere. Renovations will start in July, the goal is to hang on the wall in the fall. Stay tuned… 👀

New bouldering gym USC Amsterdam

The design drawing of the new bouldering hall

Update 12 June

You can’t see much of it yet, but it’s really going to happen this summer: a big new boulder gym in the gymnastics hall of Universum! All storage rooms are already stuffed with new boulder goodies, such as fancy climbing blocks and a new climbing hold washing machine (yeah, that’s a thing…). One of the dressing rooms in Universum will also be changed into a climbing work/storage area. More about that in July!

Ywen Boulderen USC sport Amsterdam

USC climbing coordinator Ywen in the storage room