An interview with… Vagner Madureira

1. You’re in your element when you’re in the gym. But what brought you there?
I’ve always been very sports minded and working as a fitness trainer really was a big goal for me. I’ve had some other jobs – from working as a cleaner to being a security guard – but fitness and martial arts are a true passion of mine. Although when you want to become a fitness trainer you need a few diplomas – that’s why I started studying. And now I work as a fitness trainer every Tuesday evening and Friday morning at USC.

2. A sports career is often characterized by ups and downs. How about yours?
In Brazil I started out with athletics in school. But I also played some basketball and handball, and enjoyed doing capoeira. In 2000 I got into second place at an open martial arts tournament. That was just before MMA became popular. And that’s why two years later, I started doing Brazilian jiujitsu and MMA – sports USC is facilitating in as well!

3. How did you end up at Amstelcampus?
I was looking for a place where I could be a capoeira teacher and I contacted USC. A few weeks later, together with sports manager Rolf Soldaat, I was looking at my possibilities. That was in 2014. In that period I met Marcel too, the location manager of Amstelcampus.

4. What’s the thing that makes you feel satisfied?
Helping people to reach their goals by working out in the gym, and making them happy. Fitness and sports are a true passion for me and I want to improve everyday.

5. Some athletes are true masters of motivation. How do you motivate yourself?
Through new ideas. Like some of you probably know, I can be really creative using different exercises in the classes I give. I often try new things and most of the time I get a positive reaction from both customers and coworkers.

6. What can we wake you up for in the middle of the night?
I’m a real team player and I love my job. That’s why you can always wake me up for a shift in the gym.

7. What’s your best quality and what’s your point of improvement?
I’m always excited to learn new things. And the thing I’m working on is my Dutch. It’s not my native language, so I’m still learning.

8. Do you have a message you want to pass on?
Stay strong and believe in yourself!