A more energy efficient USC

USC must – just like other businesses – be more aware of its energy consumption. And we’re not gonna lie, as a USC member (and especially when you work out at Universum), you’re going to notice that… We’re taking the energy measures below, and we want to ask you to also do your part.

Energy measures

  • Coming winter, the tennis hall will not be heated.
  • The sauna’s at USC Universum will open Mon-Fri at 16:00 instead of 11:00. During the weekend, the sauna’s remain open from 10:00 to 20:00.
  • This one you’re mainly gonna notice if you love a nice hot shower, but the shower temperature at Universum will be lowered by 3 degrees to 33 degrees Celcius.
  • Of course, our employees will also be asked to do their part. They will be asked to pay closer attention to switching off lights and sound systems. Furthermore, timers have been placed in the employee showers to encourage them to do a quick shower!

What can you do?

  • After a sweaty USC workout, of course you’d like to take a shower. We do want to ask you not to do a full-on beauty routine or match discussion in our showers.
  • Do you prefer a cold shower? At Universum, the showers in 1 men’s and 1 women’s changing room (changing rooms 5 and 8) will become cold showers only. So if you’d like to do something extra, this is your chance. At ClubWest, both changing rooms already had a cold shower.
  • We understand that the costs of energy are high for you as well. Tip: Don’t put on your central heating at home, but instead come study at Eetcafé Oerknal or ClubWest. It’s nice and warm there, and you have no more excuses to not work out since you’re already there.
  • Do you have a brilliant idea to save energy? Let us know with an e-mail to usc@uscsport.nl!