Meanwhile at USC

Because we can’t have you guys over at the moment, we had time for some handiwork and thorough cleaning. Check what’s happening at USC.

Sportcentrum Universum

New tools in the fitness studio.

The Oerknal terrace is cleaner than ever.

The dojo has a cool wall now too.

Lots of new routes on the climbing wall.

And in the boulder gym as well!

USC duck Katrien is back at her spot.

We’ve finally received our new, super fancy treadmills.

Oerknal is collecting the coffee leftovers to grow mushrooms.

And Bas finally got his washer for the climbing grips!

Amstelcampus sport & fitness

Marcel en Ronald cleaned the entire gym.

And some new paint does wonders!


The ASC gym has a complete new layout. 

ClubWest sport & fitness

The gym is super clean again. 

Remember the green in studio 1?

It’s gone forever!

The sauna seats have been cleaned and sanded. 

We’ve gotten rid of the weird white internet thingie. 

And the green wall in the entrance has an amazing new colour now!

USC Body & Mind

Remember the ugly old coat rack?

We’ve finally made a new one!

USC Tennis & Padel

The clubhouse is cleaner than ever!

The drains work well again.

And the courts have had some love as well.