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Arrangement: a plan will follow

We don’t have an answer yet to all your questions about memberships and courses. That’s because a lot is still unclear for us. But, we have decided on the following:

  • All USC members will be included in some sort of arrangement. Whether you play in our futsal competition, joined a yoga course in period 3, or have a year membership to our fitness: we’re thinking of you. Due to the complexity of our organization, with all its courses, different sports and memberships, it isn’t possible to draw up one single arrangement that applies to all of you. But believe me: we’re working on it!
  • In April, we won’t collect for direct debit memberships.

Just like a lot of other organizations and people, USC is heading for some tough times. Of course we’ll remain positive, as that is what suits a sports organization. Positive about our future and our existence. However, we do need your support and your patience. Give us some time to come up with a suitable arrangement for everyone. As soon as we know where we stand regarding our closure, you’ll be hearing from us. You can always send us an email (usc@uscsport.nl). If your question isn’t super urgent, please consider postponing it.

We miss you guys. A lot.