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We’ve already sent you a couple of e-mails about the switch to logging on with SURF. You are registered at USC as a UvA/AUAS student or employee, but you have not yet changed your e-mail address in My USC to your AUAS/UvA/AUC e-mail. This is a reminder to do that before September. It’s fixed in a second!

Why change your e-mail address now?

Two important reasons to change your e-mail in My USC now:

  • If you don’t fix this now, we’ll keep spamming you in the upcoming weeks until 1 September. You don’t want that ;-).
  • If you log on with SURF while you already have an account at USC with a different e-mail, an additional account will be created with your AUAS/UvA/AUC e-mail. PLEASE NOTE: That’s not only going to be a mess, but your membership or course will not be connected to your right account. There’s a chance that it takes a while for us to fix this, and that you’re temporarily unable to make a reservation/work out… Make sure to prevent a situation like this!

Logging on with SURF: why?

Starting September you log on at USC with SURF, as a UvA/AUAS/AUC student or employee. When you log on with SURF, you immediately proof your student or employee status. This way you don’t have to show your proof of enrolment or contract at the front desk anymore. Super chill for both you and us!

No longer at AUAS or UvA?

In that case you keep logging on like you’re used to. You do have to show a proof for discount, for example if you’re an alumnus now and can still work out against a reduced rate. Don’t want to keep getting this reminder in the upcoming weeks? In a reply to this e-mail, ask us to change your member group.


Any questions about the upcoming SURF connection, or something else? Reply to this e-mail. We’re there to help!