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A few weeks ago we e-mailed you with the request to change your e-mail address to your AUAS/UvA e-mail, due to the upcoming SURF connection. You haven’t done so yet, so here’s a kind reminder!

SURF connection

Starting September you log on at USC with SURF, as a UvA/AUAS student or employee. When you log on with SURF, you immediately proof your student or employee status. This way you don’t have to show your proof of enrolment or contract at the front desk anymore. That makes it a lot easier for both you and us!

Change your e-mail address!

SURF works with your AUAS or UvA e-mail address. If you log on with SURF while you already have an account at USC with a different e-mail, an additional account will be created with your AUAS/UvA e-mail. That’s going to be a mess… So change your e-mail address now in My USC!

No longer at AUAS or UvA?

In that case you don’t have to do anything now, and starting September you keep logging on like you’re used to. You do have to show a proof for discount if you want to keep training at a lower fee.


Any questions about the upcoming SURF connection, or something else? Reply to this e-mail. We’re there to help!