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Oops… You might have already received this email in a slightly different format yesterday. However, our mail server couldn’t really handle the amount of emails. That’s why we decided to resend it this way. 

Maybe you’ve already read it in our newsletter: we’re changing to a new booking system. We’re really happy about it, because the usability of this new system is way better! Because you have a passe-partout, you’re going to have to use two different booking systems for a while. Check below how that works exactly.

  • Use the new my.uscsport.nl to book for basketball, all martial arts, bouldering, slacklining, squash and yoga.
  • Use the booking system at mijn.uscsport.nl to book for fitness and group fitness classes. Also for these sports, as well as the sale of memberships and courses, we’ll change to the new my.uscsport.nl soon.
  • Already have an account at USC? Then log on to this new system with the same data. Do not create a new account, as things like your membership will not be linked.
  • Pick your sport in the filter, and choose a location. Then select a date at which you want to work out and finish your booking by clicking the ‘Book’ button of the booking of your choice.
  • Made a reservation, but can’t make it? Cancel on time.
    • You can cancel your booking up to one hour before the start.
    • If you don’t cancel (on time), you risk a no show fee of €3,-.
    • Are you not paying the no show fee? In that case you can’t make a reservation/work out for 2 weeks.
    • Your no show fee doesn’t end up on the big USC company pile. Check in which sports goal we’re investing the no show fee income.
  • Check all house and reservation rules.

Are you running into problems with the new reservation system? Check this step by step plan with possible solutions. Still not working? We’re there to help! Let us know by replying to this email.

Best regards,

Noortje Ten Bosch & Monique van Ee
USC Member services