Hall size: 200 – 500 m²

Universum gymnastics hall

The gymnastics hall of sports center Universum is more than a conventional gymnasium with benches, climbing frames and ropes. The ceiling is extra high and the hall is furnished with punching bags and boxing rings.

The light in this hall comes from different perspectives; the gym, Eetcafé Oerknal and two hallways. The hall features a P.A. system.


For a small additional cost, you can rend materials such as a smart screen and flipchart, as well as sports equipment.


Gymnastics hall         L 23            W  12            H  8,30


You are welcome to visit us and check out our facilities. Mail to zaalreservering@uscsport.nl or call (020) 525 89 07.

Foto's i.o.v. USC 2011 Foto's i.o.v. USC 2011


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